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Daring Abroad in Senegal (A French Speaking Country), Has Pushed Me Out of my Comfort Zone - In a Good Way!
Cynthia Mburugu - Optimum Options
Optimum Options HR Lead Consultant & Founding Director, Ms. Cynthia Mburugu. Photo courtesy: Cynthia Mburugu.

Ms. Cynthia Mburugu is the lead HR Consultant and Director at Optimum Options Africa Limited with offices in Kenya and Dakar. Previously she worked as the Regional Head of HR, Talent, and Development with an International Non-Governmental Organization overseeing Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. She has fifteen (15) years of progressive experience in Human Resource Management.

Ms. Mburugu’s career journey started in 2007, and since then she has worked in several international NGOs, Consultancy firms, and Corporates. 2018 was her break-even point when she resigned from formal employment to start Optimum Options HR Consulting company.

“I started off with 2 friends who believed in my ability to redesign their HR department and through my rich network I have seen the company grow.” she recalls.

In 2020 she relocated to Dakar and registered Optimum Options Africa which is now serving West Africa.

“Your network is your net worth. This is what has helped me grow the Company.” ~Ms. Cynthia Mburugu

Optimum Options - HR Consultants

The key drivers of her success.

“The growth curve has been progressive, even though the starting was slow. In business, one needs to be resilient and patient.

Daring abroad in Dakar which is French speaking, has pushed me off my comfort zone in a good way” she says.

Passion, consistency, integrity, and excellence have been the key drivers of her growth. Having mentors who have ventured into the same industry has also been pertinent to her success.

“At Optimum Options, we believe that our work should do the talking for us. We strive for excellence in all our projects, this has helped us with additional projects from happy clients” she states proudly.

With the shift in the workspace, remote working has also helped her to maintain clients in Kenya.

“My family has been very supportive throughout my career in all aspects.

I am also grateful to my career mentors who believed in my ability during my earlier career years and guided my steps.”

A key decision she made in her career was resigning from a full-time job to start Optimum Options without much capital.

“I have learned that it is necessary for one to step out of their comfort zone and the universe has a way of rewarding the brave.” ~Ms. Cynthia Mburugu

Her tips for success for entrepreneurs and the youth

  • Networking is important to thrive in consultancy.
  • Excellence in service delivery, staying informed on any changes happening around global labor laws, and organizational efficiencies.
  • Building your brand and brand visibility is key. Thank you to ORAC BRANDING, last year they helped us brand our company.
  • Have a career mentor, don’t limit your options. There are lots of opportunities around the world. Find something even if it’s internships or volunteer work to keep yourself busy before you land that dream job. When someone gives you an opportunity give it your best shot.


At Optimum Options, we offer career guidance, Cv designing, and Interview tips as part of our CSR. Visit our website for more details on our services.

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Optimum Options - HR Consultants
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